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For years I have been a practicing artist and professor of art living and working in Miami, Florida. While I have dedicated much of my life to these pursuits, I have always had a passion for music. With influences steeped in punk rock and skateboard culture at an early age, it is not surprising that I remain attracted to all things DIY.

Over the last twenty years, while pursuing a professional art career and honing my craft, I have met many individuals and other artists that are multi-talented and engaged in far more than just the practices they are recognized for publicly. While having the good fortune of meeting, talking with, and befriending many of these artists, there was always a common thread that seemed to dominate our conversation. The assumption would be the production of fine art itself, but rarely did these individuals like talking shop. Instead I noticed a trend that repeatedly included passionate discussions about all things concerning music. Besides genres of music, obscure bands and collecting, occasionally it would pivot to the making and producing of music as an artistic endeavor. For most us, there was no real desire to take it any further than the confines of our bed rooms.

Ironically, music seems to have become a surrogate outlet of freedom that our respective disciplines no longer provide. We have become victims of our own careers. Making music reminds us of a time when a bit of ignorance was relished and we made things simply for the sake of creation. It is my belief that most of us are engaged in making music because it provides a platform of pure and honest expression as well as a healthy distraction from our normal studio practices.

The more I pondered these theories, the more important I realized it was to document this production. I appreciate your support greatly and hope you enjoy seeing/hearing another side to myself and future visual artists engaged in music making. All proceeds made from the sale of these limited records will directly fund the production of the next. There are many more releases to come in the near future. I hope you are as excited as I am!